Specialized Translation

Specialized Translation

Some fields of translation intertwine. As a result, we have found that our firm needs to provide specialized services to meet the individual needs of our clients.

All of the above-mentioned types are available and are supervised by a team of specialized professionals, all of whom are skilled and highly qualified.

In many instances, the transcript or dialogue will contain elements from various industries, such as medical and legal. As such, we will ensure that the translator has the necessary knowledge base to complete the task.

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Rosetta Translations is one of the largest electronic memories for Arabic translations and uses a specialized glossary. This helps our linguistics team to complete an array of translation projects not only quickly, but accurately and efficiently. Our premium services are made possible due to integrating advanced technology and translation programs in our firm.

We believe that translation is an art. It’s based on creativity and even the feelings of the interpreter because, they have the ability to bring cultures from the sources closer to the targets. The interpreters are not simply giving literal meanings of words, they are providing the meaning. The translator then transmits the idea as it was truly intended by the author.

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