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Rosetta Translations is an accredited translation firm. Certified translations are usually requested by embassies More details

Certified Translation

Specialized translation is requested by government agencies and private sector. More details

Specialized Translation

This service is provided at conferences for large companies and government agencies. More details

Simultaneous Interpreting

Rosetta Translations

Rosetta Translations was founded in 1995 and has provided high quality services in over 100 languages. We are an industry leader when it comes to providing translation services for such fields as medical, legal, and engineering. We also adhere to the standards of ISO 9001 – 2008.

Rosetta Translations has grown exponentially as a result of a proficient and skilled team of linguists. We have partner offices in London, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Cairo, Beijing, and New York. We also have a number of other offices and translation firms around the globe.

We have launched a number of initiatives to bridge the gaps between various countries. We provide clear communications and break down language barriers, which helps to build relationships through sharing experiences and ideas, as well as providing perspective and understanding of cultures, feelings, beliefs, and values.

Specialized Translator

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12 Million words were translated
First in Egypt and the Middle East
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Translators worldwide

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